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Next Age FitnessSkeptical of a 20 minute workout? We love turning skeptics into believers. This new technology will increase muscle mass & bone mineral density while improving body composition, resting metabolism and insulin sensitivity. All in just 20 minutes each week. It’s intense, but it’s over fast!

Next Age Fitness is locally owned and operated (residents of Woodland Hills) and started in 2016 when the owners struggled finding time in their own schedule to strength train. Once they discovered ARX (Adaptive Resistance eXercise) technology that made a short, intense workouts possible; they were then disappointed to find that it was not in Atlanta.

Next Age Fitness clients love the private setting, one-on-one attention of the ARX coach along with the easy online scheduling of workouts. Visit our website to read testimonials, see pictures and learn more! You can also sign up for a tour (including a couple tugs on the ARX) so that you better understand how it’s possible to get a week’s worth of strength training in only 20 minutes.

We also have the only Fit 3D body scanner inside the perimeter. It doesn’t use radiation and you don’t have to get wet to learn body measurements, body fat percentage and health markers to keep you motivated to eat well, exercise intensely and be active. And it doesn’t matter where you work out, you are welcome to track your success with us.

1610 Lavista Road (Suite 1), Atlanta, GA 30329


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