What’s Next

What’s Next is a 6-week program for anyone who wants to live a more fulfilling life.​

This program makes you feel more ‘alive’ and put personal fulfillment in your control. What’s Next draws from social psychology and the best practices that business’s use to drive innovation, plan for the future and yield business success …… and APPLIES THEM TO YOU AND YOUR LIFE

Millions of people face life challenges like job boredom, changing gear after retiring, job loss, divorce, the ‘freedom’ of being an empty nester, or wanting to enter/re-enter the job market in a fresh way. They wrestle with – What excites them? What brings out the best in them? What adds more meaning to life? What will they do next?

What’s Next’s online, hands on approach to LIFE PLANNING nets out in a written plan that promotes ACTION. Regardless of the plan people leave with, none knew where to begin when they started What’s Next. 

That’s the magic. The journey you go on over 6 weeks. It’s life changing and it all starts with one step. Join us! Our next cohort starts soon. Reach out to Lauren to learn more. 

“After the What’s Next program I can see my next chapter in vivid color. I can almost taste it and I know what steps to take to enjoy success. That’s Amazing!!!” ~ Ava B

For more information or to apply: What’s Next (answerwhatsnext.com)

Contact: Lauren@AnswerWhatsNext.com


LaVista Park Friends Discount: 20% off of the program

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