Annexation Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will Dekalb County Still provide some services?

Yes. Dekalb County will still provide sanitation, water and sewer, Fire, schools, ambulance/EMS, jails, most courts, the tax assessor’s office and voter registration.

  1. What Services does the City of Brookhaven provide?

There are four primary services that Brookhaven provides:

    1. Roads and Drainage – paving roads, fixing potholes, maintaining curbs and sidewalks, and managing drainage flow outside the sewer system
    2. Parks – creation and maintenance of public parks
    3. Police – provide police, maintain a 911 service for police calls and respond to calls for security alarms
    4. Zoning and Code Enforcement – building permit and inspection, code enforcement, signage (street signs, stop signs, etc) and tree removal
  1. Does our address and zip code change?

No. Our address remains Atlanta and the zip code stays the same. The US Postal Services is not impacted by cityhood creation or annexation.

  1. Will we keep the LaVista Park Patrol?

Yes. Many neighborhoods within Brookhaven have their own private security patrols and Brookhaven Police are used to working with them. Our LVP Patrol has already made contact with Brookhaven Police and they have worked together.

  1. How do I file a request to get a pothole fixed?

Brookhaven has their own free app, called Brookhaven Connect, which you can use to file a service request to have a pothole fixed. They normally respond back within 1 business day with a status. You can download this free app from your providers app store. You can also call the Brookhaven Public Works department at 404-637-0540.

  1. What Brookhaven district are we in and who is our councilmember?

LaVista Park is in District 4 and our councilmember is Joe Gebbia.

  1. When will we start paying property taxes to Brookhaven?

Property taxes are paid in arrears, meaning the taxes you paid in the fourth quarter of 2019 were for 2019. The government group that has responsibility for a given tax parcel at the beginning of the calendar year receives the property taxes for the full year. There is no proration of taxes between government entities for annexations. Our first payment of Brookhaven property taxes will occur with the 2020 property tax bill.

  1. Will we get one property tax bill or two

There will only be one property tax bill generated and it will be a combined bill for both Dekalb County and the City of Brookhaven.

  1. Who will be responsible for creating our property tax bill?

The Dekalb County Tax Assessors office is responsible for producing the combined property tax bill. They will remit to Brookhaven the portion of the property tax that is due to Brookhaven. In addition, the Dekalb Tax Assessor is responsible for defining the property value that is used by both Dekalb County and Brookhaven. There will not be a separate property valuation done by Brookhaven. All appeals for property value will continue to be handled by the Dekalb County Tax Assessor.

  1. What is SMART 911 and how is it used?

The SMART 911 service allows you to send a text to 911 in an emergency when you are unable to talk. To use the service, you set up a profile that has your address and other information about your location and residents in your house. By registering this information, your profile immediately comes up so they can respond. They typically will not place a return call unless absolutely necessary in order to respond. You can register by downloading the free Smart 911 app from your providers app store or sign up on-line at:

  1. Do I need to tell my alarm company that we are now part of Brookhaven?

Yes. You should call them to let them know and tell them to call the Brookhaven number: 404-843-6680. If you do not, there could be a delay in routing from Dekalb county to Brookhaven Police.

  1. What is the best way to file a code enforcement complaint?

Brookhaven has their own free app, called Brookhaven Connect, which you can use to file a code enforcement complaint. They normally respond back within 1 business day with a status. You can download this free app from your providers app store. If you do not have a smartphone, you can complete the complaint on-line through their website

  1. Does Brookhaven have jurisdiction on code enforcement issues for construction projects being managed by Dekalb County?

Yes. Dekalb County is only responsible for the building construction and inspection. If the contractor is not maintaining the property, you should file a complaint with Brookhaven. While you have the option of being anonymous, using your name allows the city to contact you with any questions they may have. Attaching pictures helps them get a better idea of the issue.

  1. How can I stay informed of events in Brookhaven?

Brookhaven has a weekly email that is distributed at the end of every Friday with a list of all things happening in the city. To sign up go to

  1. What is Brookhaven Alert and what does it provide?

Brookhaven Alert is the official emergency notification system used by the City of Brookhaven to communicate with residents during emergencies. Sign up now to receive free alerts from the City via text message, email, and/or voice message. If you add your address, you can receive geo-targeted alerts. You can indicate what types of alerts you want to receive including weather, traffic, emergency, and more. If you sign up for SMART 911 you will automatically be registered for Brookhaven Alert.

  1. Should I use Brookhaven Connect to report something that needs immediate attention?

No. For things like a down tree across a road, traffic signs that are flashing or out, stop signs that are down, call the Public Works department directly at 404-637-0540 and press 1 to talk to on-call staff. If you have a complaint related to a noise violation, impassible streets due to construction activity, or grading/construction occurring during unauthorized hours (Before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m. Monday through Friday; before 8 a.m. or after 5 p.m. on Saturdays; or all day Sunday) please contact the Brookhaven Police Department (Public Service Representative) at 404-637-0600.

  1. Will our Dekalb County school assignments change since we are in Brookhaven?

No. Dekalb Schools does not take into account city designations when assigning what cluster a neighborhood is aligned with. LaVista Park is in the Druid Hills cluster in Region 2. 

  1. Do I need a permit to remove a tree on my property?

Yes, if the diameter of the tree is 6 inches or greater at 4.5 feet from the ground, you need a permit. There are details on the tree ordinance on Brookhaven’s website:

  1. I am planning a house addition/new construction. Should I get a building permit from Dekalb County or Brookhaven?

Any construction started after December 10, 2019 should have a Brookhaven building permit. Any construction that was started prior to December 10, 2019, should have a Dekalb County permit and Dekalb County will be responsible for inspections and the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

  1. Do I need a permit to put in or replace a fence on my property?

Yes. A permit is required by there is no fee. See Brookhaven’s website for details