LaVista Park Patrol

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Starting Monday December 18th, 2023 our neighborhood patrol will be handled by off-duty law enforcement professionals from the Brookhaven Police Department! For the first time, all our patrol officers will have full arrest and ticket powers, will drive marked squad cars through our neighborhood, will work during hours that we specify, and will be based at police headquarters on Buford Highway, less than a mile from our homes.

Leading our team will be Sergeant Carlai Moore, a six-year veteran of the Brookhaven Police department, who in 2020, was named a “Wonder Woman” of the year by Best Self Atlanta magazine. She is also a member of the Brookhaven Police honor guard, a team of seven uniformed officers who service police funerals, and other honorarium events. In 2021, The Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce presented her with a “Chief” award, for her “exemplary community engagement and dedication.” She regularly takes time to visit elementary schools during career days, balancing the demands of an officer on the beat with the importance of reaching out to her community. We are lucky to have her.

 “I’m really looking forward to meeting many of the neighbors,” she tells us. “The safety of our residents is always on my mind.”

Joining her will be Lieutenant Jacob Kissell. His career has spanned more than 14 years in law enforcement, and more than seven of those years with the Brookhaven Police Department. He is one of the first officers hired when Brookhaven became a city. In 2018, he received the city’s “Positive Police” award, for his work overseeing the Community Policing Unit. It was his idea to create a mascot, and coloring book for children, encouraging kids to wear seat belts and properly use cross walks and bike lanes. He also played a major role in getting the city to use the license plate readers, that have been so effective in solving and deterring crime. You’ll also see him from time to time on the local news. He works as the public information officer at crime scenes. Last night, December 15th, he was named “Brookhaven Police Department Supervisor of the Year.”

The Patrol Team:

We’ll share more profiles soon of the officers you’ll soon see patrol the neighborhood. Be sure to check out the neighborhood’s Facebook and Instagram Pages, as well as Next Door and our LVPCA Website.


After a long relationship, we have thanked our previous patrol for their many years of service and said goodbye. Their last day is Sunday, December 18th, 2023 and your volunteer board members have voted to send them a holiday bonus by Christmas Day.

Download & Print the House Check Request Form

The Patrol leadership attends each LVPCA quarterly membership meeting to discuss recent crimes, if any, in LaVista Park. Additionally, they answer questions, give security tips, and pass along information about crime trends in the County.

On a limited basis, the Patrol is available to perform home security audits for LVPCA members. A LaVista Park Patrol officer will visit and tour your home and make suggestions as to improve safety and security. If you are interested in a security audit, please contact the watch coordinator at

If you see a crime in progress, or something that just looks suspicious or out of place, your first call should ALWAYS be to 911. The Patrol works limited hours and may or may not be on duty. The patrol does have a dedicated phone line on which you can leave a message. The number is 678-701-5223. Again, that number is not monitored. It will direct your call to a voicemail system.

If you discover a crime has occurred in your home or a neighbor’s home, call 911 first, then call the Patrol, and finally, please call or email the watch coordinator.

LaVista Park is fortunate to have these dedicated police officers providing a cost effective crime deterrent for our neighborhood.