2nd Survey is now on Leaf Talk

Some LaVista Park Residents may not be on our Constant Contact email list.  And some that are may have missed the email blast with the link to the survey.  To make the survey available to as many LaVista Park homeowners as possible, the link below will connect you to the survey.


The survey does ask for the respondent’s name and address.  The names and addresses will be kept confidential, but we need them to verify residency / ownership.  The survey does not allow you to move beyond the name and address fields if they are blank.

Due to cost concerns, the LVPCA board decided not to hand deliver paper versions of the survey as we did with the first survey.  Instead, in the recent special edition of the Neighborhood News newsletter, we listed a phone number and email address to contact if anyone wanted a paper version.  The response has been very limited.

If you get a chance to ask you neighbor if they have replied to the survey, please do so.  If they need a paper version, they can leave a message at 404-633-3558 or send an email to president@lavistapark.org

Although the board and individual LVPCA members have expressed opinions about this decision, the Board considers it vital that as many households as possible are represented in our survey.

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