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Spring 2021 Newsletter

Inside: Setback Requirements, p2 911 issues, p3 Repaving, p3 Tax Update, p4 Trash Update, p4 Crime Tracking, p5 Community Engagement, p6 Tree Conservancy, p7 Emory Plan, p8 Recipes, 9 Spring Flowers, p11 Slider Crimes, p14 Postal Update, p16 Membership Drive,

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Winter 2021 Newsletter

Inside: Construction Update, p2 LCI, p3 Zoning, p3 Tax Update, p4 Crime Tracking, p5 Medical Bills, p6 Board Members, p7 Tree Ordinance, p8 Recipes, p9 Neighbor Spotlight, p11 Hummingbirds, p14 Urban Camps, p16 Contact Info, p17 Friends of LVP, p18 Click here

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Fall 2020 Newsletter

Inside: Tax Update, p2 Code Enforcement, p3 Board Elections, p3 Annexation Update, p4 New Editor, p4 Patrol Activities, p5 Park Report, p6 Monarch Butterfly, p7 Cheshire Bridge History, p8 Locking Mailboxes, p9 Recipes, p10 Neighbor Spotlight, p12 Contact Info, p15 Friends of

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Summer 2020 Newsletter

Inside: Tax Update, p2 Zoning, p3 Lidl, p3 Patrol Activities, p4 Brookhaven Markers, p5 Park Report, p7 Home Sales, p7 Recipe, p9 Member Contact, p11 Friends of LVP, p12 Click here to read the newsletter

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Spring 2020 Newsletter

Inside: • Membership Drive, p2 • Election Changes, p3 • Fill Your Time, p3 • Patrol Activities, p4 • Construction Update, p4 • Free Tuition Program, p5 • High Water Bills, p6 • Staying Safe, p7 • Support Friends of

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Winter 2020 Newsletter

Inside: • Brookhaven, p2 • Annexation FAQ, p3 • Crime Tracking, p5 • CHOA update, p5 • College Bound Info, p6 • Conscious Aging, p7 • Annexation/Zoning, p8 • Treasurer update, p9 • Park Update, p10 • C.A.N., p11 •

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Fall 2019 Newsletter

Inside: • C.A.N., p2 • Kittredge Park, p2 • Crime Tracking, p2 • Pet Wellness Month, p3 • Thank You, p4 • LaLaVista Park Decal, p5 • LVP Park Report, p6 • Tips to sell your home, p7 • Fall

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Summer 2019 Newsletter

Inside: • Path to Brookhaven, p2 • Crime Report, p2 • Patrol News, p3 • Meet the Patrol, p3 • Treasurer’s Update, p5 • Property Tax, p5 • LaVista Lifestyles, p6 • Summer Cocktails, p6 • Home Improvements, p7 •

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Doyle / Goodrowe – Curated Living

With over $10M+ in home sales in just LaVista Park alone in 2019, David & Matt were the top real estate agents in the neighborhood in terms of sales volume. And with 3 of the top 5 sales in Lavista

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Atlanta Pride Massage

My name is Marie Kistner. I am a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher and social worker. My passion is offering body-positive, life affirming massage therapy to assist people in healing on a variety of levels. I want to help people

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