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Maximillian Corwell & Associates

A resident of Lavista Park, Maximillian Corwell is proud to work alongside his neighbors and bring his 15+ years of experience to the table. Maximillian Corwell served as the lead national consultant for the hit HGTV shows “Property Brothers” +

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Bill Golden Homes

Longtime intown Realtor Bill Golden has been a LaVista Park resident since 1996 & a full-time Realtor for 30+ years. He has long supported neighborhood efforts, from the Fall Festival, Garden Club/Park activities to ongoing & special initiatives of the

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Spring 2022 Newsletter

GDOT update, p2 Zoning Update, p2 Crime Tracking, p3 Membership Drive, p4 Recipes, p7 Delta Museum, p8 Contact Info, p13 Click here to read the newsletter

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Winter 2022 Newsletter

Tree Removal, p2 Crime Tracking, p3 Zoning Update, p4 Gardening, p4 Tax Update, p5 Neighbor Spotlight, p6 Fernbank, p7 Pet Spotlight, p9 Contact Info, p13 Friends of LVP, p14 Click here to read the newsletter

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Fall 2021 Newsletter

Safe in LVP, p2 Crime Tracking, p3 Chick-fil-a, p4 Tax Update, p5 Emory Executive Park, p5 Patrol Signs, p6 Oglethorpe Museum, p7 Pet Spotlight, p9 Recipes, p13 Contact Info, p14 Friends of LVP, p15 Click here to read the newsletter

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Summer 2021 Newsletter

Inside: • Tree Ordinance, p2 • LVP Yard Sale, p2 • Crime Tracking, p3 • Get to Know…, p4 • Drone Program, p5 • Water Moratorium, p6 • Cherry Blossom Party, p6 • Repaving, p7 • Council Race, p7 •

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The Perfect Property-Juli St George Real Estate Team

The Perfect Property is a full-service real estate team ready to walk you through every step of the home-buying or selling process. We’ll be there before, during, and long after the transaction is complete.  Our professional and personable team know

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Spring 2021 Newsletter

Inside: Setback Requirements, p2 911 issues, p3 Repaving, p3 Tax Update, p4 Trash Update, p4 Crime Tracking, p5 Community Engagement, p6 Tree Conservancy, p7 Emory Plan, p8 Recipes, 9 Spring Flowers, p11 Slider Crimes, p14 Postal Update, p16 Membership Drive,

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Winter 2021 Newsletter

Inside: Construction Update, p2 LCI, p3 Zoning, p3 Tax Update, p4 Crime Tracking, p5 Medical Bills, p6 Board Members, p7 Tree Ordinance, p8 Recipes, p9 Neighbor Spotlight, p11 Hummingbirds, p14 Urban Camps, p16 Contact Info, p17 Friends of LVP, p18 Click here

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Fall 2020 Newsletter

Inside: Tax Update, p2 Code Enforcement, p3 Board Elections, p3 Annexation Update, p4 New Editor, p4 Patrol Activities, p5 Park Report, p6 Monarch Butterfly, p7 Cheshire Bridge History, p8 Locking Mailboxes, p9 Recipes, p10 Neighbor Spotlight, p12 Contact Info, p15 Friends of

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