Cityhood / Annexation / Brookhaven / Survey Updates – Nov 26

Friends, Neighbors, LVPCA Members, and Residents of LaVista Park,

Ten days ago we released the results of a survey seeking opinions about the current cityhood debate impacting LaVista Park. In the letter accompanying the survey results, we noted that another survey might be necessary depending on the outcome of two then unknown events outside our immediate neighborhood. One event was the Executive Park and CHoA applications for annexation into the City of Brookhaven. The other was a definitive action by Druid Hills to move toward annexation into Atlanta.

The City of Brookhaven has deferred its decision on annexation of the commercial areas until December 2, and they might defer it again for another week or so. But the annexations appears likely to happen. Barring some unknown development these areas are going to become part of Brookhaven. The Brookhaven Post carries articles daily about the annexation efforts:

The Druid Hills Civic Association has voted to endorse the call for a referendum for annexation into Atlanta. Note that the DHCA is not directly endorsing the annexation, just the referendum. Check out:

LaVista Park has been included in two maps submitted to the House Governmental Affairs Committee. We are included in the LaVista Hills map (“LaVista Hills” is the name of the joint effort of last year’s Lakeside and Briarcliff proposals.) We are also included in the map submitted by a group of community organizers called Together in Atlanta (TIA). TIA is in support of the annexation of the Druid Hills / Emory area into the City of Atlanta. Additionally, the City of Brookhaven had indicated to us, both publically and privately, that they are open to the possibility of LaVista Park annexing into their city, if the residents want to do that. For one look at the maps:

For reasons described above, we will be putting together another survey. Please keep coming back to Leaf Talk as the Board will be posting additional information. I encourage you to read as much as you can. There is much to consider here including our schools, property values, property taxes, property taxes on our seniors, municipal services including police and parks, zoning issues including our ability to impact the redevelopment of Executive Park, zoning issues such as the Clifton Corridor and Cheshire Bridge. We’ll be sharing as much factual information as we can find here on Leaf Talk, as well as links to sites with facts and opinions.

Please post any comments below. We need to be talking to each other….politely and respectfully. We all have different perspectives and different needs, and we’re not going to all agree or have the same priorities. But we are all in this together.

There will be another Town Hall type meeting in the next week or so. Stay tuned for details. The second survey will go out immediately thereafter.

Thanks and have a safe and fun Thanksgiving.

Steve Richards

President, LaVista Park Civic Association

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