Cityhood is an ongoing issue impacting LaVista Park.  The LVPCA board has been actively following the developments and speaking to our elected officials and the people involved in new cities and annexation efforts.

Annexation Signing Event Schedule

The LaVista Park Civic Association is moving forward with a petition to annex LaVista Park into Brookhaven. The reasons we are taking this action are:

Having a voice into Executive Park development to manage the impact on LaVista Park
Better delivery of key services like Police, Roads, Parks and Zoning and Code Enforcement
Lower property taxes than Unincorporated Dekalb and retaining senior exemptions

If you want to learn more, you can view one of the Town Hall sessions conducted earlier by going to the LaVista Park Facebook page:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this effort, please reach out to me at

The schedule for the 18 signing events is listed below. Just drop by anytime during the times shown and bring your driver’s license. We will have your individual signing petition available for you to sign. We need all property owners and all registered voters to sign the petition. To be successful we need 60% of each group (owners and voters) to support annexation.

  • Thursday, March 14 from 7-9pm at 1261 Beech Haven Rd
  • Saturday, March 16 from 10-12pm at 1221 Citadel Dr
  • Sunday, March 17th from 3-5pm at  1411 Sheridan Walk
  • Sunday, March 17th from 6-8pm at 1221 Citadel Dr
  • Monday, March 18 from 7-9pm at 1221 Citadel Dr
  • Tuesday, March 19 from 7-9pm at 1285 Citadel Dr
  • Thursday, March 21 from 7-9pm at 1040 Citadel Dr
  • Saturday, March 23 from 10-12pm at 1126 Beech Haven Rd
  • Wednesday, March 27 from 7-9pm at 1453 Brook Valley
  • Thursday, March 28 from 7-9pm at 1126 Beech Haven Rd
  • Saturday, March 30 from 10-12pm at 1270 Hopkins Terrace
  • Sunday, March 31 from 3-5pm at 1126 Beech Haven Rd
  • Monday, April 1 from 7-9pm at 1238 Kingsley Circle
  • Tuesday, April 2 from 7-9pm at 1258 Vista Valley
  • Thursday, April 4 from 7-8:30pm at 1081 Sheridan Park
  • Saturday, April 6 from 10-12pm at 1285 Citadel Dr
  • Tuesday, April 16 from 6-8pm at 1062 Sheridan Park
  • Thursday, April 18 from 7-9pm at Westminster Presbyterian Church

If these dates don’t work for you, please send me a note at and I am happy to come by for you to sign the petition.

Additional information: