Cityhood is an ongoing issue impacting LaVista Park.  The LVPCA board has been actively following the developments and speaking to our elected officials and the people involved in new cities and annexation efforts.

It is the board’s determination based on these discussions that there is a strong likelihood that DeKalb County will at some point be completely divided up into cities. In order to maintain control over which city we join, the neighborhood should express a preference to state legislators for which city to join so that as municipalization continues, our desires are known and can be part of the process.

We have provided some information on key comparisons for you to review below. The four points that we thought most important are:

  1. Police response times are significantly faster in Brookhaven. 
  2. The lowest property tax rate is Brookhaven (a new city is unknown). 
  3. The schools would change with a move to Atlanta but stay the same with a new city or Brookhaven. 
  4. The senior exemption on taxes would go away with a move to Atlanta but would remain with a new city or Brookhaven.

Download the cityhood comparison pdf:

No matter what option might eventually be chosen, people could still use Atlanta as their mailing address as postal codes do not align with city boundaries. 

This survey assumes that at some point in the future (nobody knows when) there will no longer be an option to remain in an unincorporated part of the county.  Based on responses received, we will determine next steps for our neighborhood.