Community Concerns Survey 2017


The District Attorney’s Office addresses the needs of all DeKalb communities and has asked for help to identify needs within your community.  Please respond to the Community Concerns Survey online by clicking here or mail the attached form at the address included. District Attorney Sherry Boston and her administrative team want to hear from the community because the key to community based prosecution is collaboration.  Therefore, they need YOU to help them help you.  Please share your concerns about your particular communities and elaborate on the most vital concerns.

Additionally, Court Watch is a program where citizens are invited to attend court when a case of interest affecting the community is pending.  It’s a way of allowing citizens to track cases through the court system and to potentially have a voice in court regarding the disposition of the case.  At the very minimum, the citizen will be able to express his or her concerns to the prosecuting attorney handling the case.

Thank you –

Jeff Rader

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