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At a meeting last Thursday night at Young Israel, interim DeKalb County CEO Lee May declared that unincorporated DeKalb IS an option for our area.  It is true that if LaVista Park was left out of LaVista Hills and City of Atlanta maps and BOTH of those referendums were approved by the voters, LVP could be on an unincorporated island.  But apparently the state law does allow for such islands, as long as the county can reasonably provide services.  It appears that the interpretation of “reasonably” is left to the county providing the services.  If the island is big enough, it may have the critical mass such that servicing it would not be “unreasonable.”

For those interested in reading about an organized effort to slow or stop all annexation and cityhood efforts in DeKalb County, check out this site:

Here you can read what others think, make comments, and sign a petition.

As with all of these cityhood and annexation issues, there are no promises and no guarantees.  The elected folks under the gold dome will be making the final decision as to who gets to vote on what.  But this website and petition can be a way to make your voice heard if you agree with their position.

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