LVPCA Elections October 15

The next quarterly meeting of the LaVista Park Civic Association will be on Thursday, October 15 at Westminster Presbyterian Church at 7pm. The October meeting is considered our “annual” meeting, and it is the meeting where new board members are elected to serve for the next year.

We currently have no nominees for the following positions: President, Secretary, Vice President Section 1, Vice President Section 3, and Vice President Section 4. Additionally, the appointed positions of webmaster and zoning coordinator will need to be filled and thus require volunteers.

A number of our board members have served for many years and some have served multiple years multiple times. Our incumbent treasurer and registrar have both volunteered to serve another year, as has our new watch coordinator. Additionally, we have a volunteer for Vice President Section 2. While we have not had a contested election for any spot on the Board in many years, please feel free to place yourself in nomination if you would like to. Consult the map on our website,, to verify the Section in which you reside.

Our board structure includes a Past President position. The current president – who is completing his third year as president and his seventh year on the board – is happy to serve in that role to assist the new president any way possible.

Per the LaVista Park Civic Association Constitution, the Association’s purpose is to “Preserve the beauty, peacefulness and residential character of the LaVista Park neighborhood.”  That is the Board’s function and we take it seriously and also try to have a good time while we are doing it. Some of the issues we deal with can be fairly minor, truth be told. Recently however, the issues were considerably more serious: cityhood, annexation, renewed development of Executive Park, infill projects on Briarcliff and LaVista, even movie productions in our neighborhood.

A detailed description of each officer’s duties can be found at this address:

Note that the webmaster needs some basic technical skills and / or comfort level with WordPress, FaceBook, Twitter, and the ability to provide minor technical assistance to other board members with their email set up and other communication. We have been just limping by in this area and could do so much more with just a little knowledge and commitment.

If you would like to place your name in nomination for any elected or appointed position or have questions, please contact Steve Richards at 404-213-7427 or  All Board members must of course be members of the Association and reside in LaVista Park.

Please consider sharing your time and talents with your neighborhood association. Thanks,


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