Comments Field from 2nd Survey

It is good to see all the comments on Leaf Talk and individual Face Book pages regarding the cityhood / annexation issues.  About half of survey respondents added a comment at the end of their reply and I thought it was important that they be shared.   Some were short, some much longer.  The comments were exported and have been posted below.  Note that names and information that could clearly tie a given comment to an individual were edited out. Some commenters may not have minded if their names were used, but some would so all were eliminated.  No other edits were made.

These are not being posted to “stir the pot,” but to give the reader some insight to what some of their neighbors are thinking.

The export was not all that “clean” and I elected to not spend an a lot of time making them “pretty.”   There are some gaps in between some of the comments, but they are numbered 1 to 130 so should be easy to follow.

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Survey Comments

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