Update from LaVista Hills

On December 19th, the Georgia House Governmental Affairs subcommittee voted 3-1 to approve a map that “sets in stone” the border between the proposed cities of LaVista Hills and Tucker.  THE BORDER BETWEEN LAVISTA HILLS AND THE AREA PROPOSED TO BE ANNEXED INTO ATLANTA IS NOT FINAL AT THIS TIME.  LaVista Park is still in both maps….the LaVista Hills map and the “Together in Atlanta” map.

To follow is an email from the LaVista Hills YES! committee sent Friday afternoon:

Steve — Today, the Georgia House Governmental Affairs subcommittee approved two maps (drawn by the committee) that create a border between LaVista Hills and Tucker, eliminating overlapping areas.  The committee was charged to draw this border and we thank them for the time and effort that they expended.    We regret, as does Tucker 2015, that this task fell to them.  Per Committee process, we now must accept this border and move forward. 

On November 17, 2014, we submitted a map for the city of LaVista Hills to the House Governmental Affairs committee.   Since the day that this map was submitted, we have been adamant in our resolve that no residents or neighborhoods be removed by the subcommittee charged to draw the boundary line and that the Northlake commercial area should not be divided by LaVista Road.   Today, we are very disappointed to tell you that thousands of residents who greatly supported and desired being in LaVista Hills are no longer within the boundaries of the proposed city.  Additionally, the Northlake commercial area has been divided along LaVista Road.  Unfortunately, your deluge of calls, letters, signed petitions and emails to the committee members, testimony by Representative Scott Holcomb and our staunchest efforts to defend and maintain the boundaries of the LaVista Hills map submitted to the committee on November 17 failed.    For those who have now been removed from the LaVista Hills boundaries (and the business community now divided by LaVista Road),  we offer you our deepest regrets and apologies. We greatly appreciate that support and the diligence that you have shown during the last two years.

Rep. Buzz Brockway (chairman of the committee) offered this point of clarification after the meeting’s conclusion: “Our Subcommittee was tasked with drawing a boundary between the proposed cities of LaVista Hills and Tucker. We realize there are possible annexations that both proposed cities are dealing with and that Brookhaven has already annexed the Executive Park and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta areas (which impacts LaVista Hills). Consequently, these proposed maps can change to reflect that actual annexation and other possible annexations that may take place. The boundary between LaVista Hill and Tucker however, is set in stone.” Thank you again for your support.  We will share future plans with you in the near future. For LaVista Hills YES,  Mary Kay Woodworth and Allen Venet, Co-Chairs

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