Executive Park Annex into Brookhaven?

The owners of Executive Park, CW Nom LLC and their attorneys, Morris Manning & Martin, LLP will be hosting an “Open House” tomorrow night, October 20, at 6:30 pm. The meeting will be on the First Floor of 6 Executive Park, which is across Executive Park Drive from the Marriott.


The purpose of the open house is to provide a forum for Executive Park’s neighbors – including residents of LaVista Park – to ask questions about Executive Park’s application to be annexed into the City of Brookhaven.  Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (CHOA) has apparently also requested annexation into Brookhaven. 


A number of LVPCA members have contacted me and the unanimous feeling expressed is that these proposed annexations are not in the best interest of LaVista Park.  It appears possible, maybe even likely, that Brookhaven is simply making a land grab for commercial property before it ends up in a new DeKalb County city.  Brookhaven has a history of trying to aggressively annex commercial areas that appear to be “in play.”


This story from the Brookhaven Post might be interesting:  http://www.brookhavenpost.co/senator-millar-to-mayor-davis-put-aside-annexing-executive-park-give-lakeside-a-chance/23143/#comments


The address for the “Open House” is noted above.  Please consider attending to learn more and to make your opinion known.

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