Pros and Cons of Our Cityhood Options

The link below will connect you to a pros and cons analysis comparing the following options: 1. Remaining in unincorporated DeKalb County (no city affiliation); 2. joining a new DeKalb County city currently being formulated by two groups, Lakeside and Briarcliff; and 3. annexation into the adjoining city of Atlanta.  This analysis was prepared by the Woodland Hills Neighborhood Association.  They have generously shared their analysis with us and I thank them very much for doing so.

In any such analysis, most items are factual, and some may be opinion.  You will have to judge for yourselves which items you see as Pros and which as Cons for each cityhood choice.  Please note that remaining unincorporated DeKalb is probably a short term opportunity, maybe very short.  The truth is, our real choice is most likely inclusion in the yet-to-be-named new DeKalb County city vs. annexation into Atlanta.  In the last few days, our neighbors to the north, Executive Park, along with the former Loehman’s Plaza and CHOA (on the other side of North Druid Hills) have applied for annexation into Brookhaven.  Brookhaven has, until now, recognized its southern border as I-85. This could present another option for LaVista Park and Woodland Hills, but it is too early to know.

The variable that would cause LaVista Park and Woodland Hills to have fewer options is Druid Hills and Emory.  Druid Hills, to our east and south, is deciding on many of the same choices.  They appear to not be included in a potential new city, so they will likely remain unincorporated or be annexed into Atlanta.  Their decision can have implications for us.

Regardless of what Druid Hills or Brookhaven do, LaVista Park needs to determine what our first choice is and work toward that.  I hope the information available on the link below will be helpful.

Atlanta Lakeside-Briarcliff City Comparison



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